The Process of Best Music Video Production in Melbourne

A music video is made for some artistic or promotional purpose using a song and some imagery put together as a short film. In the modern era, music videos are made for marketing music recordings. Sometimes songs are used as a tie-in marketing campaign, which can be seen in food products. Here, we will understand about things included in Music Video Production in Melbourne.

History of Music Video Production

Music videos originated in the 1920s as musical short films. They became prominent in the 1980s when they got support from MTV. They had different names before the 1980s like “song video”, ”song clip”, “promotional video”, “promotional clip”, “filmed insert” or “illustrated song”

Things Incorporated In A Music Video

A music video uses a wide variety of styles such as animation, documentaries, live action filming, abstract films, live action, etc. A combination of different styles makes it more attractive to the audience. Some music videos adopt a thematic approach to interpreting scenes and images from the song’s lyrics. Product placement was another technique used in the videos.

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The Process of Making A Music video

  • The Concept Making: First of all, the concept has to be finalized of the theme of the video. For this, directors are contacted and are asked to develop a concept of the music video on the basis of the mood or message of the song. The concept also has to fit the budget decided.
  • Planning the Workflow: Planning of each and every single detail is important when it comes to making a music video. From the cast, the crew in the background, settings, everything needs to be taken into account.
  • Music video License: Where there is required the license should be taken first into account as it is a legal requirement.
  • Location Perfection: The location for the video shoot should be decided to keep in mind the size of the crew, space for musical equipment and other props. Also, wherever permissions or paperwork is needed to securely make a video, it should be taken beforehand.
  • Synchronizing Audio: Audio synchronizing is very important and saves a lot of money on audio gear. Good techniques should be used while lip-synching to the song and instruments. Splitting the song into segments is a good method to follow. Before shooting the video, the song should be analyzed thoroughly. Natural breaks should be found out. The editing software is used to cut the song into parts and add an audio countdown. Splitting the song into parts helps as then you do not have to run through the entire song after every take. Any CD player can be used as an audio guide for the shoot.
  • Advertising: If you want to make it big in the music industry, then people need to know you and your voice and to find more clients, the most important thing is to advertise. You can find some group who you can be a part of or you can direct your own group. Practice makes anyone perfect. So keep trying all doors for the cup to victory.

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